Friday, April 27, 2012

Luxurious bread from Pan-Ya

Check this out! a one-hundred-rupiah-bread from Pan-Ya! I got a message and these photos from my best friend in Jakarta. What's so special about this bread? It's a bread with full of milk and butter, that's what it says about a bread from Pan-Ya bakery originated from Okayama, Japan.
It might not be a luxury in some countries like Japan or Australia, one loaf of bread priced around AUD 10-11, yes it's still a top premium bread though, but in Indonesia it's a real luxurious bread! In Indonesia you could get a  loaf of good bread around Rp 20.000, so this premium Gion Danish Bread is about five times  the normal   price tag, so yes it's a luxurious bread!
I couldn't give any review, neither did my friend since we haven't tried it yet, but if I happen to visit one of their shop in Jakarta, I may choose their Macha Shokupan or green tea bread since it's more affordable, anyhow their 'luxurious bread' with rich buttery milk sounds so tempting though... but would you spend $10 for just a loaf of bread?

(Rich milk toast from Pan-Ya Jakarta)