Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goshu Ramen Tei

One of my favorite dishes in winter is ramen, I could go to ramen restaurant every weekend plus 1-2 bowl of instant noodle I cook at home, just couldn't resist slurping hot noodle in a chilly weather. Despite the name 'Goshu Ramen Tei', this down-to-earth Japanese eatery in York St Wynyard, my favorite dish is not the ramen. Almost every time I ordered their teriyaki, either beef or fish, my favorite one, but this time I just wanted to try their ramen and wagyu steak. 

(Wagyu steak)

(Miso ramen)

(Japanese green tea)

The miso ramen is not the best one and the wagyu steak is very tasty but not as tender as I expected, a bit chewy actually but overall I am quite happy with their wagyu steak. Their prompt service, great hospitality with smile has never disappointed me.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matsuri Perth

Two weeks ago I was enjoying Japanese food at Masuri in Adelaide and couple days ago I was having dinner at another Masturi, this one located on the ground floor of QV1 building, corner of Hay and Milligan st Perth.
Matsuri Adelaide is more traditional and has a homey interior while Matsuri Perth located in a modern building with glass wall and the staffs ready with palmtops to take you order, kinda modern and hi-tech. Both are authentic Japanese restaurants with great service but I prefer the one with traditional and cozy ambience  with personal touch on serving, the staff would come to your table pouring the green tea for you and asking if everything is good. Yes, the modern and hi-tech ordering service is more classy and looks elegant but somehow it may lose its personal touch and friendly atmosphere I guess? Here are my experiences, when I asked the  waitress to refill my green tea with hot water she smiled and tap on the palmtop to re-order the green tea and then I waited for another 3 minutes or so to get another hot green tea served (and yes my bill was charged). It might be the rule for them to do so, but on another occasion I was more happy when the waitress smiled then took the pot and refilled it in less than a minute! (without charge)

(Chirashi sushi from Masturi Perth)

(Seafood salad from Matsuri Perth)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Nazimi Japanese restaurant at 141 York st (lower ground) just behind the Queen Victoria Building is more like a small  hidden gem around Town Hall precinct. I had passed by this authentic Japanese restaurant many times, nothing fancy from outside, never had the chance to get myself into their homey dining room but today I eventually made it!

 (Tasmanian salmon steak)

The succulent salmon steak served in a light yet tasty sauce is the best salmon steak I've ever had. Also ordered a combo set of chicken katsu and sushi. The juicy yet crispy chicken katsu served with rich sauce and fresh salad with sesame dressing which is my favorite dressing. Most of the dishes served using old Japanese ceramic bowls, plates and cups which give a delightful touch. As I always mentioned, every restaurant has its special and best dish, and Nazimi is on my favorite list for salmon steak. 

(Crispy chicken katsu)

(Aburi salmon) 

 (Aburi salmon roll)

(Aburi salmon roll and nigiri sushi)
Friday, June 3, 2011

Tokyo Ria

Tokyo Ria on level 1 World Square is a 'sister restaurant' of Seoul Ria, so you can tell that it's a Korean-Japanese restaurant, but I am always open to try something new in town. It's a nice place to dine out with friends with excellent service, the touch screen menu make it easy to browse and order while the staffs are always happy to assist you. We didn't wait too long for our first order of sashimi to be served. The salmon, tuna and king fish sashimi are really fresh beautifully presented. The seafood nabeyaki (hotpot) was a perfect pick for winter time and our favorite dish of the night was grilled calamari served with sweet chili sauce. 

(Grilled Calamari)

(Seafood hotpot)

(Salmon and King fish sashimi)

(Salmon and Tuna sashimi)