Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sushi Hotaru

If you are a regular customer of Kinokuniya book store in Sydney you'd notice the brand new Sushi Hotaru on level two The Galleries Victoria around Town Hall station. That's how I found this new Sushi bar's 'opening soon' sign few weeks ago  on my way up to Kinokuniya and today I was the first customer on the queuing line at  11.30 when the staffs greeted us with their 'irrashaimase..'

They have a good variety of sushi with some kinda fusion nigiri sushi, all priced at $2.5 during the opening special and $3 for the side dishes.  The quality and the freshness are good and I'd be happy to comeback for a $2.5 nigiri sushi but if I compare with my favorite sushi in town, I'd definitely stick to my favorite Makoto's sushi. They have a good location inside the Galleries Victoria and the ambiance is ok, the service is good but not 'excellent' as I always expect from an authentic Japanese restaurant, or maybe I am just a fussy patron. 
(Tuna sushi)
(Grilled salmon sushi)
(Scallop sushi)
They also have a wide variety of side dishes on the menu but unfortunately most of them were not available, I was expecting to have agedashi tofu and deep fried salmon's skin but they didn't show up at all so I ended up trying the drum stick karage and mini okonomiyaki.

(Mini Okonomiyaki)
(Drum sticks karage)

(Green tea latte with red bean ice cream)


grub said...

ooo the sushi looks really fresh and yummy! the green tea latte and red bean ice cream would have tasted superb :)

i hope kino will open in Melbourne one day haha

nonchan said...

The atmosphere is cool!

♥ selena nana ♥ said...

WOW!!SYDNEY Australia has a Kinokuniya book store!!!Surprise!!!!(o→ܫ←o)♥
your favorite sushi ... After all, MKOTO sushi.!!!haha☆ε(◕‿◕✿ฺ)з
I love Mini Okonomiyaki!♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿

Rashai said...

The green tea latte does taste superb! Would love to try their cocktail too.. I believe you'd be the first member when Kinokuniya opens in Melbourne :)

Yes it's a nice place..

I love Kansai style Okonomiyaki and for sushi, my favorite is otoro.. :)