Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fishermen's Soup

It's been one of those busy weeks at work and whenever I am flat out I'd tend to pamper myself with my favorite food. 
Makoto is one of my favorite Japanese eateries especially for sushi, they serve the best range of succulent sushi in town. Beside sushi I also love their Fishermen's Soup, a bountiful bowl of seafood in a clear yet rich soup comprises mussel, scampi, fish, and crab just so.... delicious!

(Fishermen's soup)

(Tuna sashimi)

 (Aburi salmon sushi)

(Sushi set from Makoto)

That's all I had for my lunch! Gochiso-sama deshta!.. :)


♥ selena nana ♥ said...

I want to go to the "MAKOTO sushi".I i like sushi,me too.

Rashai said...

Selena, Makoto is my favorite for sushi... :) Thanks!

♥ selena nana ♥ said...

sushi looks very delicious.

♥ selena nana ♥ said...

I love mochi.ε(◕‿◕✿ฺ)з
this mochi like an cherry moch.....ε(◕‿◕✿ฺ)з