Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fuku Ramen

It's not a fancy ramen shop, just a small local shop specializing in ramen, located next to Maccas in Setiabudi, Bandung. There are only five ramen on the list, all comes in the same soup, you only can choose the meat either beef, chicken or spicy one and plus some side dishes like chicken karage. All prices are affordable as you can see from the menu picture

Visited this Fuku ramen with a friend, we ordered ramen with beef and special ramen wich comprises, both chicken and beef chashu, spicy ground chicken, half boiled egg topped with spring onion, mushroom and nori.

The soup is mild and quite tasty even you can't compare this to a tonkotsu broth, sorry for always comparing any ramen with a tonkotsu base since it's my favourite broth. The meat is just okay but the boiled egg taste a bit different with a hint of mirin (I assume) which I like. The overall taste is worth a shot for ramen lover looking for a local ramen in Bandung. 

On another note, there are some franchise ramen shops in Bandung but none of them worth coming back.. at least that's just my opinion. 

(Fuku Beef chashu ramen)

(Fuku special ramen with separate spicy ground chicken)

(Chicken karaage with mayo)

(All pictures taken using iPhone)