Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ikkyu Ramen

Ikkyu Ramen by chef Haru Inukai, former owner-chef of fine dining Blancharu, has opened at Sussex Center food court in Chinatown last month. I dropped by last week when they have special menu of Pork Rib and Hokkaido ramen which I chose as a change since normally, if not always, I picked tonkotsu ramen. 
The hokkaido ramen comprises slices of salmon, half boiled egg, bean sprout, served in a tasty miso based broth and topped with spring onion and corn kernels. It was my first time having ramen with salmon, but it's not bad at all even I still prefer chasu slices in a tonkotsu broth better. The miso broth itself is perfect but the noodle's chewiness could be better, at least to my liking. 

Would love to go back for their Pork ribs ramen .. 

(free kaedama on the menu)

(touch pad for ordering)

(Hokkaido miso ramen)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mappen Bondi

We happened to walk around Bondi last month and stumble upon this new Mappen outlet which basically offers same service, food, and vintage atmosphere as their original outlet in CBD, but this Bondi outlet serves more options from ramen to donburi which is not available in their CBD outlet. 

We tried their beef steak with curry and tonkotsu ramen. The beef steak comes in generous portion, their beef is quite tender and served with tasty curry. The tonkotsu ramen is not bad but frankly it's not a recommended one. The good thing from Mappen is that their price is very affordable.

Their traditional vintage style decoration is very amusing with old posters on the wall, an old bike on the corner and old Japanese songs on the speakers.

 (Beef steak with curry)

(sweet potato and vegie tempura)

(tonkotsu ramen)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

SMASH Cosplay 2013

The SMASH 2013 is over, it was on yesterday at Sydney Convention Centre, Darling harbour.
I didn't really plan to go to the event since there were urgent things to do but didn't really want to miss this out either so went there to have a quick look and ended up taking some pictures. 

Could'n give any comment since I didn't enter the hall, just wanted to share some shots of amazing cosplayers..