Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mappen Bondi

We happened to walk around Bondi last month and stumble upon this new Mappen outlet which basically offers same service, food, and vintage atmosphere as their original outlet in CBD, but this Bondi outlet serves more options from ramen to donburi which is not available in their CBD outlet. 

We tried their beef steak with curry and tonkotsu ramen. The beef steak comes in generous portion, their beef is quite tender and served with tasty curry. The tonkotsu ramen is not bad but frankly it's not a recommended one. The good thing from Mappen is that their price is very affordable.

Their traditional vintage style decoration is very amusing with old posters on the wall, an old bike on the corner and old Japanese songs on the speakers.

 (Beef steak with curry)

(sweet potato and vegie tempura)

(tonkotsu ramen)

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