Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cherry blossom at Golden Wheel Garden

Spring time! My favorite season of the year, a season when you can see beautiful flowers blooming..

It took about one and half hours from the city to The Golden Wheel Buddhist Garden to see The Cherry blossoms. This garden located at 405 Galston Road, Galston in hills district. The garden open for public on some occasions like Chinese New Year and some others Buddhist related event, but for cherry blossom viewing they only open for two days a year.

The cherry blossom (Sakura) is a well-known Japan symbol and unofficial national flower. Japanese people celebrate the blooming season with Hanami which means cherry blossom viewing. There are many varieties of Sakura in Japan and some of them bloom only for couple days in spring time.

The cherry blossom trees in this garden are not as big as the ones in Japan but still worth a view. They also have some other varieties of plants like tangerine trees and Buddha’s hand fruit. The one that really grabbed my attention is one small tangerine tree that has tangerine, lemon and lime fruits on the same tree! It’s quite a unique tree I’ve ever seen.

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