Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ribs Ramen

Ribs ramen

One friend recommended Ajisen Ramen restaurant couple months ago but I haven’t got time to try till today. Located in Hay Street, Haymarket-Chinatown, originated from Kumamoto Japan, Ajisen Ramen is very famous for its delicious ramen with plenty of collagen that can prevent aging, that’s what they claimed! Besides ramen they also have some side dishes like salt pepper squid, soft-shell crab and crab claw, the price starts from $9 for ramen and $7 for side dishes. I ordered Ribs Ramen and chili soft-shell crab, the ramen comes with tender and tasty ribs which made the soup tastes good, overall I like the ramen but one thing I wasn’t so keen on is they used different noodle from the one usually used for ramen I’ve tried elsewhere.

The restaurant interior is quite cosy with a plasma TV mounted on the wall playing Japanese Song’s MV. I was quite satisfied with their helpful and quick service.

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