Friday, December 23, 2011


Kura haymarket Sydney, one of my favourites for casual dining in the city just opened the new KuraKura. I believed they are under the same management. The new KuraKura is located on the same corner of Ultimo road in Haymarket, with the same great service and affordable menus, but this new KuraKura takes place on the second and third floor with more spacious and cozy atmosphere. They have exactly the same menu with Kura plus new ones and some drinks from cocktail to hot sake.

My favourites from Kura are aburi salmon and salmon don, but this time the Hokkaido Udon on the menu is really tempting, comes in cream and cheese with pork and onsen tamago (half boiled egg) and served with baby spinach. The Hokkaido udon looks more like a pasta and tastes really yummy but quite heavy though. 

 (Hokkaido udon)

(salmon wing)

For healthy choice, the tofu salad is really light and refreshing.

 (Tofu salad)
Wanted to try the Umeshu jelly for dessert but unfortunately sold out so I picked ume-apple from the cocktail range as I always love umeshu.


The mini okonomiyaki comes with crispy skin which is nice and the combination of okonomi sauce and mayo is perfect. 

 (Mini okonomiyaki)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Menya Super Rich Tonkotsu Ramen

It's officially summer now but it's only 15 degree Celsius when I left home yesterday morning, well .. it's just an excuse for myself to have a bowl of hot and tasty ramen. 
Menya serves a new 'Super Rich Tonkostu Ramen' a while ago but never got a chance to taste it before since it's only available from 5:30pm and they only serve 10 dishes a day. The tonkotsu broth really is rich and tasty and the taste is just great, worth a try for tonkotsu lovers.