Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Gadget Charger at Changi

I found this free gadget charger at Changi Airport really helps people who need to recharge their mobile phone, digital camera and even Ipod or PSP while waiting for their connecting flight at this airport.

This gadget charger is located around food court area at Terminal 2, not sure if another ones also available at Terminal 1 and 3 as well. There are some different gadget brand available, so you just pick the one you need and connect it to your gadget, place it inside that tiny locker, lock it and keep the key with you till you want to remove it and board your next flight!

Free gadget charger at Changi Airport

I would say Changi is my favorite airport and one of the best in the world.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Tadaima! ( I am back home!)

Just got back in Sydney last night, while most of my family and friends having a Chinese New Year's eve dinner at a big round table, here I am... exhausted after 7 hours flight from Singapore, unpacking my luggages, cleaning up the dusty rooms... *sigh*

Just want to wish you all:
Gong Xi Fa Chai !
Wish you all a wonderful, prosperous and successful New Year!
Xin Nian Khuai Le!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Honeymoon Desert

A durian lover?
You'll find some tasty desert garnished with durian at Honeymoon Desert Cafe. Last week I happened to hang around Ciwalk Bandung and couldn't resist the temptation when I saw the durian lover's menu at this cafe.
Above average price for desert but if you do like durian or mango (their special menu) in a fresh desert, this one is worth a try!

Durian pancake

Durian and black glutinous rice in vanilla sauce

Mixed fruit grass jelly in coconut juice

Durian lover's menu

The shops across China and Hong Kong
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic

Having breakfast in a cafe? sounds a bit strange for me since most of the cafe in town serve lunch and dinner only, that was my first response when a friend asking me to have breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic, a small cafe at Jl. Rancabentang, Ciumbuleuit Bandung.
Yes, my friend proved me wrong! This cafe is open from 7 o'clock in the morning and serves some light western and Indonesian food for breakfast. The cafe looks so 'green' and homy, nestled in a hill area and far away from the busy and crowded city area.

A couple couch-set inside the main room, a small swimming pool with some teak-wood furnitures and patios in the backyard deliver a relaxing and homy atmosphere.

We had some cheese sandwich with omelette and mie tek-tek (Indonesian style noodle) and I also tried their freshly brewed 'Kopi tubruk', a traditional Indonesian black coffee.

Mie tek-tek (Indonesian style noodle)

Cheese sandwich with omelette

If a cozy looking place and a relaxing ambience are what you seek, this cool cafe offers a quiet environment and good food at an affordable price.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sierra Cafe and Lounge

A best friend drove all the way from Jakarta just to pay me a visit after about 4 years we hadn't got a chance to catch-up! After having a bowl of 'yamien' (noodle) we came up with an idea to have a drink at Sierra Cafe & Lounge.

City's view from the cafe

This cafe located at Jl. Bukit Pakar no 33, Dago Pakar, a hill area of Bandung. The cafe has a cozy lounge, indulging ambience and a stunning view of Bandung's city light at night.
The western and Japanese food served at this cafe are ok even not my favorite though, so we just had some milk shake and a soup, gossiping about our old friends and times when we were colleagues, just for the old times' sake!
Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fish Spa

Last weekend when I was hanging around in Paris Van Java Mall Bandung, a stall called Dr. Fish Spa Therapy caught my eyes and I just couldn't hold my curiosity to have a try!

It's quite a unique spa therapy using fish called Doctor Fish, it's a nick name for Garra Rufa fish also known as Nibble Fish and Kangal Fish originated from a small town in Turkey called Kangal.

They claimed the doctor fish works naturally as a human skin doctor as they consume human dead skin cells and leaving the healthy skin to grow. This fish spa therapy helps to rejuvenate and regenerate new skin cells. According to them, Dr. Fish has been succeeded in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia as well. I found that in 2006 Doctor Fish spa resorts opened in Hakone, Japan where the fish are used to clean the bathers at the spa.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elite Silver Krisflyer

Since I joined the Krisflyer program, never expected I would be able to get a Silver membership since it requires 25,000 miles point in one year to be eligible for the Elite Silver membership and normally I didn't fly that often, but yesterday I got mail from Singapore airline confirming that my membership has been upgraded to Elite Silver member and off course with the new Krisflyer member card.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jelly Coconut

I have been a fan of Thai' fruits like durian, guava, mango and young coconut since they have a top quality of fresh produces. I bought this Jelly Coconut from a supermarket in Central Shopping Center when I was Singapore during Christmas time, it's a product of Prasert Thai Fruit, Thailand.

This product offers a mixed of real coconut flesh and jelly juice served in a real coconut shell, the jelly is really fresh and juicy, great for desert after a heavy lunch or dinner. I was wondering why they called this 'Jelly Coconut' not Coconut Jelly?