Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic

Having breakfast in a cafe? sounds a bit strange for me since most of the cafe in town serve lunch and dinner only, that was my first response when a friend asking me to have breakfast at Waroeng Ethnic, a small cafe at Jl. Rancabentang, Ciumbuleuit Bandung.
Yes, my friend proved me wrong! This cafe is open from 7 o'clock in the morning and serves some light western and Indonesian food for breakfast. The cafe looks so 'green' and homy, nestled in a hill area and far away from the busy and crowded city area.

A couple couch-set inside the main room, a small swimming pool with some teak-wood furnitures and patios in the backyard deliver a relaxing and homy atmosphere.

We had some cheese sandwich with omelette and mie tek-tek (Indonesian style noodle) and I also tried their freshly brewed 'Kopi tubruk', a traditional Indonesian black coffee.

Mie tek-tek (Indonesian style noodle)

Cheese sandwich with omelette

If a cozy looking place and a relaxing ambience are what you seek, this cool cafe offers a quiet environment and good food at an affordable price.


nonchan said...

Hi, Rashai san! I never try Indonesian food. What taste is it? I think it is spicy or sweet.

Rashai said...

@nonchan: Yes, most of Indonesian food use chili so it's a bit spicy, if you wanna try Indonesian food, I can find an Indonesian restaurant in Osaka .. :-)

nonchan said...

Konbanwa,Rashai san!
It is sooooo cold at here.

Could you find an Indonesian restaurant?

Rashai said...

@Nonchan: Here is the link for Indonesian restaurant in Honmachi (Midosuji line) :

Yuliana-Fun said...

oooo tidak...mie tek2... kesukaanku... hehehe :) dah lamaaaa banget ga makan mie tek2.. duhh dirimu bikin diriku jadi ngiler hehehe :)

Rashai said...

@Yuliana-Fun: Suka mie tek-tek juga? di Bangka ada yg jual gitu? Dateng aja ke Bandung, gua traktir deh kalo cuma mie tek tek sih.. :-)

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Entah ini lapar atau efek mata.. gambar2 nya keliatan menggiurkan.. hahaha..