Monday, May 30, 2011

Matsuri Adelaide

It was the first time visiting this beautiful 'city of churches', not much time though since it's only a one-night-weekend getaway. Taking picture and enjoying Japanese food are two hobbies that can't be separated when I travel, I'd try to find at least one local famous and one best Japanese food in town. 
Matsuri Japanese restaurant is one of the top recommended ones in Adelaide, an authentic Japanese restaurant with excellent service and great food, I am happy did choose the right one!

(Salmon steak served with wasabi mayo) 

(Tuna sushi)

(Matsuri on level 2/167 Gouger street Adelaide)

Here are some shots around the city of Adelaide, a city of churches.

(Macadamia Chocolate from Haigh's Chocolate)

(The Pancake House on Gilbert Place, Adelaide) 

(Russian Blints from The Pancake House, Philadelphia cream cheese and raisins rolled in French crepe served with blueberries and vanilla ice cream)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was the warmest day over the past few week, plus the clear sky it's a perfect time for a day out. Hanging around Bondi Junction mall and decided to have lunch at Zakura in Oxford Street.It's one of the best Japanese restaurants in Eastern suburbs with authentic Japanese cuisine, good ambiance and great service. They serve from fresh sashimi & sushi to hot nabeyaki udon, from a small plates of crispy calamari tempura to the complete bento box served with rice and miso soup. This time I wanted to try their special home made teriyaki sauce so we ordered one teriyaki salmon bento box and a salmon carpaccio. The salmon teriyaki set also comes with salmon sashimi, pan fried gyoza, agedashi tofu and salad. I know that carpaccio normally served as appetizer but the thinly sliced salmon in olive oil and mayonnaise comes in generous portion also yummy enough for a main meal.  

(Salmon teriyaki set)

(salmon carpaccio)

(Zakura in Bondi Junction mall)
Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miso Bolognese Ramen

Ryo's Noodle House in Crows Nest is one of my favorite Japanese eateries in Sydney, this down-to-earth ramen house has a complete range of ramen from shoyu to tonkotsu. This relatively small place with Noren door and menu written in Japanese on paper scrolls all over the wall give the authentic feeling of a Japanese shop.

Normally I stick to my favorite tonkotsu flavor but today picked something from the menu that I had never tried before, ramen with miso bolognese sauce. The name says it all, the ramen served without soup like a usual ramen  instead it served with  minced pork, bamboo shot and mushroom in a thick miso sauce, garnished with spring onion and topped off with shoyu tamago (soy sauce egg). 

(Ramen with miso bolognese sauce)

(steamed veges for fresh topping)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day, the first Saturday in May each year, when the participating comic book shop around the world give away comic books for free to anyone comes into their store. It was the first time I heard about this event when I run into Kinokuniya Sydney store yesterday and joined the queue to get a free comic book.
Some cosplayers didn't miss the opportunity to show-off their costumes and the shop's staffs were dressing up in fabulous costumes too!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I had been quite busy over the past couple weeks, on top of that the unusual rainy days made my days 'busier' than expected. Eventually we got a bit of sunshine on the weekend and decided to dine out at Musashi in the city (corner of Pitt-Campbell st), an Izakaya style Japanese restaurant in Sydney.

Now talking about Izakaya, in Japanese i means 'to sit' and sakaya means sake shop, Izakaya evolved from a sake shop to a drinking and dining place with casual atmosphere yet has great friendly service. Every city in Japan has its own local famous Izakaya and here are some of best Izakaya in Tokyo I'd definitely recommend:
Yamariki Izakaya, an Izakaya in 'East end of Tokyo' (Morishita) run by 4th generation owner. Yamariki offers its famous Nikomi, beef guts stew cooked in miso for 8 hours and your could try this Nikomi with garlic bread. 
Mimasuya, claimed to be the oldest Izakaya in Tokyo (opened in 1905),  it offers beer-battered fugu (poisonous blowfish) which can only legally be prepared by licensed chefs. It's located at 2-15-2 Kanda Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku. 
Wish we had those Izakaya in Sydney, we do have some izakaya down here but none of them is as good as the ones in Japan. Musashi has good dishes but for me it's a bit too elegant for an Izakaya and a bit pricey.

(Japanese kir, a cocktail from Musashi)

(Salmon teriyaki from Musashi)

(John dory with garlic butter sauce from Musashi)