Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was the warmest day over the past few week, plus the clear sky it's a perfect time for a day out. Hanging around Bondi Junction mall and decided to have lunch at Zakura in Oxford Street.It's one of the best Japanese restaurants in Eastern suburbs with authentic Japanese cuisine, good ambiance and great service. They serve from fresh sashimi & sushi to hot nabeyaki udon, from a small plates of crispy calamari tempura to the complete bento box served with rice and miso soup. This time I wanted to try their special home made teriyaki sauce so we ordered one teriyaki salmon bento box and a salmon carpaccio. The salmon teriyaki set also comes with salmon sashimi, pan fried gyoza, agedashi tofu and salad. I know that carpaccio normally served as appetizer but the thinly sliced salmon in olive oil and mayonnaise comes in generous portion also yummy enough for a main meal.  

(Salmon teriyaki set)

(salmon carpaccio)

(Zakura in Bondi Junction mall)

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