Monday, May 30, 2011

Matsuri Adelaide

It was the first time visiting this beautiful 'city of churches', not much time though since it's only a one-night-weekend getaway. Taking picture and enjoying Japanese food are two hobbies that can't be separated when I travel, I'd try to find at least one local famous and one best Japanese food in town. 
Matsuri Japanese restaurant is one of the top recommended ones in Adelaide, an authentic Japanese restaurant with excellent service and great food, I am happy did choose the right one!

(Salmon steak served with wasabi mayo) 

(Tuna sushi)

(Matsuri on level 2/167 Gouger street Adelaide)

Here are some shots around the city of Adelaide, a city of churches.

(Macadamia Chocolate from Haigh's Chocolate)

(The Pancake House on Gilbert Place, Adelaide) 

(Russian Blints from The Pancake House, Philadelphia cream cheese and raisins rolled in French crepe served with blueberries and vanilla ice cream)

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