Friday, June 3, 2011

Tokyo Ria

Tokyo Ria on level 1 World Square is a 'sister restaurant' of Seoul Ria, so you can tell that it's a Korean-Japanese restaurant, but I am always open to try something new in town. It's a nice place to dine out with friends with excellent service, the touch screen menu make it easy to browse and order while the staffs are always happy to assist you. We didn't wait too long for our first order of sashimi to be served. The salmon, tuna and king fish sashimi are really fresh beautifully presented. The seafood nabeyaki (hotpot) was a perfect pick for winter time and our favorite dish of the night was grilled calamari served with sweet chili sauce. 

(Grilled Calamari)

(Seafood hotpot)

(Salmon and King fish sashimi)

(Salmon and Tuna sashimi)


Anonymous said...

I was there too the other time
I preferred their sukiyaki when it comes to hotpot but they are both very nice. Sashimi was great, very fresh and for the price you pay it is very reasonable when compared to what is found in haymarket.
Though I would still prefer eating jap food in crows nest or artamon

Rashai said...

Thanks for the comment, agree with you there are plenty of good Jap food around Artarmon and Crows Nest, but there are also some good ones around city (not in Haymarket though) :)