Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goshu Ramen Tei

One of my favorite dishes in winter is ramen, I could go to ramen restaurant every weekend plus 1-2 bowl of instant noodle I cook at home, just couldn't resist slurping hot noodle in a chilly weather. Despite the name 'Goshu Ramen Tei', this down-to-earth Japanese eatery in York St Wynyard, my favorite dish is not the ramen. Almost every time I ordered their teriyaki, either beef or fish, my favorite one, but this time I just wanted to try their ramen and wagyu steak. 

(Wagyu steak)

(Miso ramen)

(Japanese green tea)

The miso ramen is not the best one and the wagyu steak is very tasty but not as tender as I expected, a bit chewy actually but overall I am quite happy with their wagyu steak. Their prompt service, great hospitality with smile has never disappointed me.

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