Monday, August 11, 2008

Modern Toilet Cafe

Only in Taipei.

This very unique cafe only has one theme: Toilet! the seat, the table, the bowl, the dish, decoration, just everything in Toilet or toilet related style. They even serve a poop-shaped ice cream! It sounds a bit 'disgusting' but trust me the food is quite nice and the service is good too.

If you are visiting Taipei you shouldn't missed this famous cafe located in 184 Wenlin Road, Shilin district-Taipei, just take the MRT and get off at Shilin station, take exit 2 and then turn left into Wenlin road and walk for about 10 minutes and you will find the cafe on your left-hand side.

One more thing about Taipei, the MRT system has been awarded as the most reliable MRT system in the world in three years in a row! It's very convenience and affordable to go around the city by MRT.

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