Monday, August 11, 2008

Toro Sushi

If you are a sushi lover you might have known what is Toro sushi. I hardly found Toro sushi in town but couple month ago I found this favorite sushi! Makoto restaurant is quite famous for good quality sushi in the city, they have rolling-sushi bar and also some table's menu, above average price but still affordable. If you like seafood combo, the fisherman soup is on the menu. The restaurant is located on Liverpool road, just off the World Square area.

Here are some facts about Toro sushi: cut from tuna's belly, is usually the most expensive item on sushi menu. Toro is pink, and the chef may identify it as chutoro, which is moderately fat, or otoro, which is light pink and extraordinarily tender, indicates the highest fat content, and off course the most expensive ones! check the price tag before you order!

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