Wednesday, August 13, 2008


One fine Christmas day in Tokyo, 25 December 2007.
Arriving in Tokyo Station after two and half hours trip by Shinkansen from Osaka, it was a really convenient bullet train ride with great service and reliable time table, not even a minute missed at every station we passed by. Izumi-san, my free will tour guide in Tokyo, standing just right outside my carriage on the platform with her smile and warm welcome ready to take my around the city for one day tour. Off Tokyo station we headed to Roppongi Hills where I met one of my Japanese fella, having lunch in a nice traditional Japanese restaurant, soon after lunch we had to part since she had to go back to her office. Jumped on the busy buzzing subway, our first stop was Shibuya where Hachiko, the famous dog in Shibuya, has been sitting outside the subway station for years, known as the meeting point for people. We crossed the Shibuya intersection, one of the most famous intersections in the world, walked down Shibuya streets up to Yoyogi Park and then amazed by the large park of Meiji Shrine full with giant trees, it took about 15 minutes to reach the temple and another 15 minutes walk back to Harajuku station where the youngster showing off their funky costumes.
In the afternoon, we had a quick visit to Akihabara before made our way to Tokyo Station. A tasty tonkotsu ramen for our dinner before jumped on the Shinkansen to go back to Osaka. Arigato gozaimashita Izumi-san!

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