Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seki - Sakauchi

Seki 関市

Christmas 2004

The beautiful Seki is a town in Gifu Prefecture, It’s about one and half hour drive from Nagoya and very famous for its production of samurai (Japanese sword) and kitchen knife, also known as The City of Sword.

It’s also my first Japanese friend’s hometown. During my first visit in Japan, he gave me a very warm welcome and great hospitality service, providing delicious feast, entertaining me for 12 days hanging around Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Gifu and Tokyo. He is a real great friend and a great traveling partner, and a ski champion! Arigato Yoshi-san!

Sakauchi, still in Gifu prefecture is a beautiful ski resort where I had my first ski experience, it became a memorable experience! I also visited many beautiful spots like Gifu Castle, Zenkoji Temple, Naritasan Shrine, The Paper Doll museum, and of course bathing in onsen (Japanese spa), a unique experience I wouldn't missed!

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