Monday, February 20, 2012

Taiyo Sushi Jakarta

I meant to post this a month ago but having problem uploading the photos, anyway..  I made the post eventually.

It's the first sushi restaurant I tried in Jakarta, my home country's capital, this Taiyo sushi located at Pluit Raya no. 17, North Jakarta. The restaurant itself has a cozy atmosphere and the location relatively free from traffic jam (if you live in Jakarta you know what I mean), and the service is good.
Their special menu is sushi roll and as the staff recommendation I tried the Taiyo special roll then I picked the the spicy mozarella roll and kakiage roll out of their 'special' roll dishes. Don't expect for a traditional Japanese cuisine here, as the dishes are more like fusion that have been adjusted to local  taste, such as their Spicy mozarella roll, the names tells all you expected from the spicy garnish to the cheesy topping melts  in your mouth, taste good though for someone who loves spicy food.

(Taiyo special roll) 

(Kakiage roll)

(Spicy mozarella roll)

Every time I visit a sushi restaurant I never skipped inari and aburi salmon nigiri sushi, so I tried their aburi salmon with cheese from nigiri menu, and even I am a cheese lover still I prefer the simple aburi salmon as I love the pure salmon's taste. 
Overall I love their fusion taste and would love to go back there if I get the chance.

(Aburi salmon with cheese)

(Gyu enoki)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frozen Fantasy

I've visited Japan three times yet I've still got two unfulfilled dreams, first is experiencing hanami in Japan and the second is visiting Sapporo's Snow Festival. This news from Mainichi about 'Frozen Fantasy' in Sapporo makes me think..' when will I visit Hokkaido again..?'

These pictures courtesy of Mainichi news..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ramen Championship Singapore

I got one night stop over in Singapore last month and I was hoping to have a chance to try the ramen at Iluma Building in Bugis, but unfortunately I was too early, the shops open at 11:30am and I didn't have time to wait since I need to run for my connecting flight. The Ramen Championship has been run since last year till July this year (as long as I know), didn't get the chance to take proper photos either, but I managed to go to Liang Court in Clarke Quay to try Marutama Ramen.
The good news is that the Ramen championship has new outlet at T3 Changi Airport, so next time I can try the ramen without leaving the comfort of Changi Airport.

(Ramen championship at Iluma building, Bugis)

Marutama ramen in Singapore is quite famous but frankly speaking, it was a little disappointment, for me there are two most important things from a good ramen, first is the broth and second is the noodle's texture, in this case the broth didn't taste as I expected, too light I would say and the noodle was a bit overcooked. 

(Marutama ramen in Singapore)