Monday, February 6, 2012

Ramen Championship Singapore

I got one night stop over in Singapore last month and I was hoping to have a chance to try the ramen at Iluma Building in Bugis, but unfortunately I was too early, the shops open at 11:30am and I didn't have time to wait since I need to run for my connecting flight. The Ramen Championship has been run since last year till July this year (as long as I know), didn't get the chance to take proper photos either, but I managed to go to Liang Court in Clarke Quay to try Marutama Ramen.
The good news is that the Ramen championship has new outlet at T3 Changi Airport, so next time I can try the ramen without leaving the comfort of Changi Airport.

(Ramen championship at Iluma building, Bugis)

Marutama ramen in Singapore is quite famous but frankly speaking, it was a little disappointment, for me there are two most important things from a good ramen, first is the broth and second is the noodle's texture, in this case the broth didn't taste as I expected, too light I would say and the noodle was a bit overcooked. 

(Marutama ramen in Singapore)


nonchan said...

The building is looks like a Japan. Recently I am ramen addict,,, especially shouyu soup♥

Rashai said...

I love tonkotsu and miso ramen.. :)

Izumi said...

Hi, Rashai-san, how have you been? I finally visited Singapore last week and spent 3.5 days moving to as many areas as possible. Although we went to Bugis we didn't know about Ramen area so we missed it. But we tried Ramen in Aoba in ION shopping mall. It was almost the same as we have in Japan! Singapore was sooo exciting, fascinating, and relaxing and we enjoyed it a lot. Next time when you come to Japan, make sure to contact us.

Rashai said...

Hi Izumi-san, I am not too bad :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Singapore, yes there are a lot of Japanese resto and ramen shop, some of them are as good as the ones in Japan!
I will surely contact you when I get the chance to visit Japan again, I missed Japan so much..
Gokazoku no minasan ni yoroshiku..