Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sapporo - Blessed by Snow

Saturday, December 26, 2009, New Chitose Airport in Sapporo scrubbed 40 departing and 32 arriving flights due to blizzards and poor weather caused by a low-pressured system that passed by that southern coast of Hokkaido island, dumping heavy snow that overwhelmed its snow-dozing capacity, said the official.

How lucky I was as I had left that island on Christmas day, just the day before! Otherwise I'd be camped out on the airport's seats and I'd need to reschedule my trip in Japan.

Visiting Sapporo in winter time really is an unforgettable experience full with fun and a joy of white Christmas! I spent 3 nights in that beautiful and dazzling city famous for its fresh seafood and ramen!

Here are some of my photos from strolling around Odori Park enjoying White Christmas Illumination and German Christmas Market, Clock Tower (only 2 minutes walk from Odori Park) and TV Tower.

The beautiful view of Odori Park from TV Tower, Sapporo

Sapporo White Illumination at Odori Park

German Christmas Market at Odori Park

Clock Tower

Sapporo city's night view

These are the authentic Sapporo ramen shops in Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku (Sapporo Republic Ramen) at level 10 of ESTA building next to Sapporo station east/north entrance.

Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku

If you need any info about Sapporo, some friendly staffs at Tourist Information desk always ready to help you, just find The Hokkaido Sapporo Information Center inside Sapporo JR station on 1F, West Concourse, North Exit (North6, West 4). They open from 8:30am – 8:00pm year round (JR Information window closes at 7 pm) phone: 011-213-5088
Friday, December 25, 2009

Go Hyaku en Kaisen Don

A restaurant named Ekini Shijo on upper level of Hakodate Morning Market has been on my list since I planned my visit to Hokkaido few months ago. This place was recommended by a blogger friend, Onsen Soaker on her blog. This place located just next to Hakodate JR station served Kaisen Don, a bowl of rice topped with fresh seafood for 500 yen while other places serve for the cost around 2,000 yen. Lucky that I managed to find this place at Hakodate morning market, thanks to you Onsen Soaker-san :)

(Hakodate Morning Market building, picture taken from my hotel room)

(The entrance to Ekini Shijo from outside)

(My go-hyaku Kaisen-don, a bowl of rice topped with bountiful fresh seafood)

(This grilled fish was for 1,000 but really worth it)

(The entrance of Ekini Shijo from inside the fresh seafood market building)
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas in Hakodate

I have been to Japan couple times but it's my first trip in Hokkaido. I love most big cities of Japan but never thought that I would fall in love with Hakodate, I expected the minus 10 degree Celsius and thought that I'd be a frozen meat! But the chilling extreme winter and the heavy snow are nothing compared to the bliss.

I just arrived in Sapporo last night after three and half ours journey by super hokuto train from Hakodate but I just can't wait to share some of my photos, so here are some photos from Hakodate.

The stunning view of Hakodate at night from Mt. Hakodate, one of most beautiful night views in the world. Hakodate-yama Ropeway, the best way to enjoy Hakodate night view. From Hakodate JR Stn walk 2 minutes to Hakodate–mae station, take street car (tram) for 10 minutes to Jyuj i-mae stn (passing by Shiyakuso-mae stn and Uoichiba-mae stn), 10 minutes walk to Sanroku Ropeway Stn. Admission fee : 1,160 Yen for round trip.

(Bay Hakodate)

(Bay Hakodate Christmas Fantasy)

Here are some pictures from our stroll around Goryokaku Park:

(Goryokaku Tower)

(The beautiful view of star-shaped Goryokaku Park from the tower)

I've got a bunch of pictures from my Hokkaido trip but I gotta go now, heading to Otaru today!
Mata ne :)
Saturday, December 12, 2009


Do you like mayonnaise? I do! Especially Japanese mayonnaise, I just love this creamy dipping sauce for most of grilled meat, seafood, omelette etc. I just tried a new kind of mayo sauce called Perinaise, a unique creamy blend of mayonnaise with Peri-Peri sauce from Nando's, my favorite grilled chicken. I got the Perinaise original which means one with medium heat level but if you are an extreme hot chili lover there is also Perinaise Hot ready to burn your tongue.

Today I just cooked my okonomiyaki with mixed topping of Japanese mayonnaise and Perinaise, yum..!

(My okonomiyaki with perinaise)
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Christmas!

My posts have been slowing down lately, it's merely because I have been flat out over the past month with tonnes of workload, working back every single day including Saturday! Well, it's Christmas season, the busiest season of the year and I even feel this season is the busiest ever in term of my workload.
I am not sure if it's a bit too early to wish you all a Happy Christmas but down here in my city the Christmas season kicked off with Christmas celebration in the city on 26 Nov (I missed out this time) a month before the Christmas day, followed by Christmas parade (I missed out this too) and then Christmas trees lit up on every city's corner. So I wanna wish you all a Happy Christmas and hope you enjoy this festive season!

My tiny Christmas tree

Thankfully, I still enjoy this Christmas season apart from my business and I am looking forward for my Christmas holiday soon :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Plus

Love Plus is a DS game by Konami, basically it's a dating sim where you can choose the girl you want to date, then you try to get her fall in love with you and after you've got the girl you can email her, call her, and even kiss and touch her (on the cheek, arms, etc) via the touch pad!

Last week I read this unique news on Sydney Morning Herald about a Japanese man known by his nickname SAL9000 who married Nene Anegasaki, her virtual girlfriend, in an official-looking but not legally reception in Tokyo last month. He even took her on a 'honeymoon' to Guam!
The reception included a priest, an MC, a DJ, speeches from friends and family, photo slideshows, wedding music and even a bouquet. The entire event was streamed live on a Japanese video-sharing site, of which SAL9000 is a prominent member.

I recall a friend saying 'we are victims of technology', is that true? wonder if romance and sex could be replaced by technology? Back to 'Love Plus', in a real daily life a couple occasionally come across a conflict, and if you wish you could avoid a conflict by 'switching your spouse off' anytime you want to, you'd better try this dating sim plus :)

Only in Japan..