Friday, December 25, 2009

Go Hyaku en Kaisen Don

A restaurant named Ekini Shijo on upper level of Hakodate Morning Market has been on my list since I planned my visit to Hokkaido few months ago. This place was recommended by a blogger friend, Onsen Soaker on her blog. This place located just next to Hakodate JR station served Kaisen Don, a bowl of rice topped with fresh seafood for 500 yen while other places serve for the cost around 2,000 yen. Lucky that I managed to find this place at Hakodate morning market, thanks to you Onsen Soaker-san :)

(Hakodate Morning Market building, picture taken from my hotel room)

(The entrance to Ekini Shijo from outside)

(My go-hyaku Kaisen-don, a bowl of rice topped with bountiful fresh seafood)

(This grilled fish was for 1,000 but really worth it)

(The entrance of Ekini Shijo from inside the fresh seafood market building)


golden zephyr said...

Sorry it took me so long to catch up with your blog. Hokkaido looks so beautiful in the snow! Your photos of food always (always!!) make me hungry!! So appetizing!

Looks like you're having fun!

Rashai said...

Hi Golden Zephyr, thanks! yes I had lots of fun, as for the food, I just couldn't help self :)

onsen soaker said...

A happy bew year!

I'm glad to know you could find the 500yen don and enjoyed your stay in Hokkaido.

Rashai said...

Thanks to you onsen soaker-sama :)