Saturday, December 12, 2009


Do you like mayonnaise? I do! Especially Japanese mayonnaise, I just love this creamy dipping sauce for most of grilled meat, seafood, omelette etc. I just tried a new kind of mayo sauce called Perinaise, a unique creamy blend of mayonnaise with Peri-Peri sauce from Nando's, my favorite grilled chicken. I got the Perinaise original which means one with medium heat level but if you are an extreme hot chili lover there is also Perinaise Hot ready to burn your tongue.

Today I just cooked my okonomiyaki with mixed topping of Japanese mayonnaise and Perinaise, yum..!

(My okonomiyaki with perinaise)


Brad Farless said...

I'm actually not a fan of mayo. The only things I like it in are tuna fish salad and potato salad.

I do like spicy stuff though, which is a good thing since most of the food in Singapore is served with chili.

Rashai said...

Surprised me that you like spicy stuff! Most people from Western country don't like spicy food, do they? So you won't have any problem adjusting your taste buds I guess? :)

Brad Farless said...

Ya. I don't have many problems with spicy food. It's partly due to my mom's side of the family being Hispanic, but my dad loves spicy stuff too, so he was always an inspiration for me to try spicy foods as well. So, I've gotten used to spicy stuff. Plus, at home, my mom was always interested in trying new recipes so even before I'd left the US I was eating curry chicken, though the curry chicken you get in the US isn't quite the same as what I've had out here.

Yuliana-Fun said...

aarrrghhh tak suka mayonese..tak enaaak.. :P