Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Christmas in Hakodate

I have been to Japan couple times but it's my first trip in Hokkaido. I love most big cities of Japan but never thought that I would fall in love with Hakodate, I expected the minus 10 degree Celsius and thought that I'd be a frozen meat! But the chilling extreme winter and the heavy snow are nothing compared to the bliss.

I just arrived in Sapporo last night after three and half ours journey by super hokuto train from Hakodate but I just can't wait to share some of my photos, so here are some photos from Hakodate.

The stunning view of Hakodate at night from Mt. Hakodate, one of most beautiful night views in the world. Hakodate-yama Ropeway, the best way to enjoy Hakodate night view. From Hakodate JR Stn walk 2 minutes to Hakodate–mae station, take street car (tram) for 10 minutes to Jyuj i-mae stn (passing by Shiyakuso-mae stn and Uoichiba-mae stn), 10 minutes walk to Sanroku Ropeway Stn. Admission fee : 1,160 Yen for round trip.

(Bay Hakodate)

(Bay Hakodate Christmas Fantasy)

Here are some pictures from our stroll around Goryokaku Park:

(Goryokaku Tower)

(The beautiful view of star-shaped Goryokaku Park from the tower)

I've got a bunch of pictures from my Hokkaido trip but I gotta go now, heading to Otaru today!
Mata ne :)


Charles Hamel said...

The pictures are beautiful, I am an American living with my family in Asahikawa and have been here for almost 2 years now.

This place never gets old, and I think my favorite season is winter. It is so beautiful when everything is covered in snow.

I haven't made it to Hakodate yet, but have been to Otaru and it is very nice also.

Will you be making it to Asahikawa on your trip?

Enjoy your vacation.


Rashai said...

Charles, thanks for dropping by.
I am just back from Otaru, yes it indeed is beautiful small town of Hokkaido, and tomorrow I am going to Asahikawa! So excited, heard that the zoo is worth a visit, isn't it?

You should visit Hakodate, at least once .. :) it's really beautiful.


Charles Hamel said...

The zoo is very nice, in fact it is about 15 minutes from where I live. Last year I had season passes, but too busy this year to utilize them.

In January they have the famous penguin walk, where they take a herd of penguins (is a bunch of penguins a herd? :) ) for a walk around the zoo.

Try to make it to Biei also, it's a cute and well layed out town. voted one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. (Summer flower farms are beautiful)