Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miso Bolognese Ramen

Ryo's Noodle House in Crows Nest is one of my favorite Japanese eateries in Sydney, this down-to-earth ramen house has a complete range of ramen from shoyu to tonkotsu. This relatively small place with Noren door and menu written in Japanese on paper scrolls all over the wall give the authentic feeling of a Japanese shop.

Normally I stick to my favorite tonkotsu flavor but today picked something from the menu that I had never tried before, ramen with miso bolognese sauce. The name says it all, the ramen served without soup like a usual ramen  instead it served with  minced pork, bamboo shot and mushroom in a thick miso sauce, garnished with spring onion and topped off with shoyu tamago (soy sauce egg). 

(Ramen with miso bolognese sauce)

(steamed veges for fresh topping)


L said...

That's an interesting and new (well, to me XD) type of ramen. Looks good. XD

Rashai said...

L, it's new for me too :) it's yummy, give it a try :)

Tokyo Restaurant Guide said...

Definitely the best Ramen in my hometown of Sydney!