Friday, December 2, 2011

Menya Super Rich Tonkotsu Ramen

It's officially summer now but it's only 15 degree Celsius when I left home yesterday morning, well .. it's just an excuse for myself to have a bowl of hot and tasty ramen. 
Menya serves a new 'Super Rich Tonkostu Ramen' a while ago but never got a chance to taste it before since it's only available from 5:30pm and they only serve 10 dishes a day. The tonkotsu broth really is rich and tasty and the taste is just great, worth a try for tonkotsu lovers.


miwango said...

Hi! :D It's 4 am in Japan. This ramen makes me hungryyyyyy! xD
How have you been by the way?

Rashai said...

Make instant noodle then :) ha ha.. I've been extremely busy but looking forward to my holiday soon..! :)