Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Asimo Robot

Welcoming spring time, recalled me to find out whether Honda would have another Asimo Robot World Tour kick off this coming summer.

Last year, they had a really impressive world tour, especially in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Even we had to queue more than 1 hour to get the free ticket, it’s really worth for a shot. Long queue of people could explain the curiosity of this hi-tech gadget.

Asimo was really cool, he could interactive well with the people, brought the tray with a tea on it, nodding, running….most all the basic human response. It now could even conducts Detroit Symphony Orchestra! How awesome! Here is the link if you wanna know how it would be and especially to meet it personally in Disneyland.

Back to it's performance, it’s well designed humanoid robot, white color makes it glooming especially on the stage……while it made its first appearance showered by lights, the folk coudn't hold the applause.I thought this was the coolest innovation from Honda so far. It also has an official Australian website.

Anyway wish to have more information about Asimo World Tour 2007 could click the link here or wondering about Asimo debut on the world? Simply find out here. Lastly, if you have a technical curiosity about how it could move, etc…throw away your queries by finding out here.

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