Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fruit Salad

There have been scorchingly hot days down here... if you live in Sydney you know what I'm grumbling about. Craving for something fresh to quench my thirst,  I made a simple fruit salad with yogurt. Nothing fancy, just some pieces of peach, rockmelon, pear and blueberry topped with blueberry yogurt (my favorite one) and roasted peanut.

(My fruit salad with yogurt)

Talking about fruit in Japan, there is a stereotype that fruits in Japan are luxuries with a premium melon could be priced over 10,000 yen, but that's not all the fact about the relatively expensive fruit in Japan, for some regular fruit like banana you'd find it reasonably priced.
The most famous fruit in Japan during summer? It's Suika (watermelon), there is a traditional summertime game called suika-wari (watermelon splitting game), it's often played on the beach with a blindfolded person tries to split a watermelon with blows from a wooden stick while others yell out instructions about where to strike.


grub said...

have you seen the watermelon capsule? the device that helps transport watermelons safely? LOL i find it kinda pointless XD

i like fruit with yogurt too and sometimes with muesli :D

have a happy rabbit year!

Rashai said...

Hi Grub, Happy Golden rabbit year to you too..
Watermelon capsule? I'll google it then :) Thanks!