Friday, April 15, 2011


I am back home! Back from my 'kampung' (hometown), a small town of Central Java, visiting my family and friends three weeks wasn't long enough..
Eat, eat and eat... that's all I did so not much to share except some shots from my 'kampung'..

(Egg serabi) 

 (Plain serabi)

The above pictures are 'serabi', an Indonesian traditional delicacy made from rice flour and coconut milk, and palm sugar, sweet and rich in flavor. Every province or city has different kind of serabi, in my hometown serabi could be served plain or cooked with egg or banana. 

(Teh Poci) 

The above 'Teh Poci' is a traditional tea pot from Central Java, made from clay and used to serve strong jasmine tea with strong aroma and normally served with rock sugar. 

Ketupat is a kind of rice cooked in a woven palm leaves, boiled for hours so it has a firm texture and served with dishes like curry.

(Salak and banana)
Salak is a tropical fruit native to Indonesia, believed to be a high nutrient fruit and could ease diarrhea but don't eat too much otherwise you will have constipation..

(Kenanga flower)

 (Mango tree)
The 'kenanga' flower and mango tree  are from our backyard, the mango tree has been producing sweet and delicious mangoes for nearly twenty years!

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