Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Umeshu with shiso

Umeshu, commonly called as plum wine outside of Japan, but I just read a surprising fact of Umeshu, actually Ume are NOT plums, that's what I read from Choya, one of the most famous Umeshu brands.

I have tried almost all kind of umeshu, the original ones, premium, umeshu with honey, umeshu with green tea but it's my first time trying umeshu with extra shiso (perilla) from Choya. If you ask me which flavour is my favourite one,I really can't pick one since I love all of these umeshu but in term of availability the original umeshu is the most available one so this is the one I drink most often.  My favourite way to enjoy umeshu is on the rocks, you also can enjoy umeshu simply straight or mixed  with hot water to warm you up in winter time.

(Choya extra shiso)


nonchan said...

Umeshu Rock is best;)

Rashai said...

Yes ... Umeshu on the rocks.. Kampai..! :)