Saturday, June 16, 2012

Apuo Udon

It's the second Japanese restaurant in Bandung I tried since I came back to this city a few months back then. This restaurant is located in Lengkong Besar 16 Bandung, no homepage found but they have a facebook page, just search Apuo Udon.
I am not a fan of udon to be honest, so what makes me want to try this restaurant? There are only a few authentic Japanese restaurants in this city and Apuo Udon is one of them, it's run by a Japanese owner chef. They serve not only Udon, you can try their yummy chicken kaarage, sushi, some mushroom dishes, and if you want  a small bites they have onigiri as well. Since they specialize in udon, we tried their udon with beef and the 'spicy udon level 5' (there are level 1-5 of  spiciness) and it's definitely not for me as I can't eat spicy food. I forgot the name of the mushroom dish but it quite unique.
Their menu is value for money and the service is very friendly, would love to go back and try their sushi!

(udon with beef)

(spicy udon)

(mix mushroom)

(chicken kaarage)

(Chicken kaarage don)

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