Friday, January 4, 2013

The Coffee Legend

I happened to visit Ho Chi Minh City last month and treat myself some of the best coffees in the world. Vietnam known as the world's second-largest producer of coffee behind Brasil, that gives enough reason for its government to protect their domestic coffee producers by banning some famous coffee business from opening their shop in this country, but this policy ends soon as Starbucks will open its first shop in Vietnam soon.

My trip was a short one yet I managed to try the three most famous coffees in Vietnam: Trung Ngu Yen, Highlands coffee and Vinacafe. Trung Ngu Yen coffee is the most internationally famous Vietnamese brand for coffee while Highlands and Vinacafe are more 'local'. You will easily find Highlands cafe at almost every corner of the city but barely find a shop of Vinacafe. I did visit Trung Ngu Yen and Highlands cafe and bought some Vinacafe instant packaging in a supermarket. 

 (The famous Trung Ngu Yen coffee served in Vietnamese style)

(Cappuccino from Trung Ngu Yen) 

(The favorite black coffee and iced coffee with milk at Highlands cafe)

For me, personally, the highlands iced coffee is the best one...

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