Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tenko Mori

I have been away for a while.. and now that I am back in Sydney, couldn't wait to get to this new ramen shop inside Regent Place down George street in the city. 

After Mappen, Oiden.. and now Tenko Mori, another popular Japanese resto from Menya group, during busy hours you will encounter a long queue.

 Same self-serve ordering system as Mappen and Oiden, pick your ramen and soup base, grab your toppings (you can choose from fried tofu, tempura, kakuni, seaweed, tamago or potato salad), go to the cashier, find the seat and start enjoy your ramen, also don't forget to return your empty tray. 

I love their pork kakuni, it melts on your tongue and the taste is just soo... yummy, the broth is considered light tonkotsu yet satisfies my craving for tonkotsu soup and I just enjoy the perfectly cooked noodle slurp by slurp...

(Pork Kakuni in tonkotsu soup)

(Vegetable ramen in tonkotsu soup)

Also, love their milk tea... just tastes like my favorite KIRIN milk tea..

 If you go there, you'd notice another Japanese restaurant and cafe on the other corners, it's just became one of my favourite spots for Japanese eateries.

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