Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Tea Mochi

I've got a few posts about mochi from Shu Shin Bou, not that I am a big fan of this shop but I couldn't find another shop in the city selling Japanese mochi. So every time I crave for mochi I'd run to their shop and get myself some fresh and yummy mochi.

This time I got their blueberry mochi and green tea mochi, the blueberry filling is really nice but my favorite one is green tea for its strong green tea flavor.

(Green tea mochi and blueberry mochi)


nonchan said...

I never eaten blueberry Mochi. I like green tea flavor too.

Rashai said...

I really like green tea flavor in most type of desert and snack :) This shop has a wide range of flavor, from strawberry to black forest!