Monday, July 26, 2010

Aroma Festival

Yesterday was a day of coffee and chocolate craze!
Hanging around The Rocks from 10AM when The Aroma Festival kicked off and back home around 2PM after sipping couple cups of coffee, mocha, chai latte and couldn't stop munching Italian pizza-like bread, corn, cheesy spiral spud, doughnuts... yet still stopped by a ramen shop in the city..well I still need to put on some weight though :)

Here are some snaps from The Rocks Aroma Festival..

The free event guide available around Circular Quay

a winter morning + hot coffee + spectacular harbour's view

Who doesn't love chocolate?

Coffee Sculpture, made from more than 5,000 cups! But I was too early and couldn't get the chance to see the whole image. Last year's incredible 3,604-cup Mona Lisa coffee sculpture achieved a Guinness World Record.

Cupcakes in the cage

Tempting Naked Berry

Somehow I put the wrong caption and link on those berries before, sorry for the mistake Naked berry :)

Some Italian ginger bread and pizza-like bakery


nonchan said...

I want to see the Opera house with coffee and chocolate in Sydney: ) I envy you!!

Rashai said...

Nonchan, please come to Sydney.. :)