Friday, August 6, 2010

Let it snow..

I reckon there won't be many post from me this month, got an unexpected thing came up earlier this week and there will be a lot of things I have to go through till end of this month.
Thankfully, we made our way up to the snowy mountain last weekend!
Arriving in Perisher Blue on Saturday morning then spent almost the whole day up there before headed down to Cooma to stay overnight. Continuing our snow trip to Thredbo on Sunday morning, exploring a beautiful snow village while enjoying the heavy snow pouring all day.

Trying to get proper shots despite the heavy snow..

Here are some shots of Perisher Blue..

(Perisher Blue chair lift)

(Curry shack in Perisher Blue)

And here are the Thredbo's shots..

(Thredbo shuttle bus)

(Thredbo village)

(Thredbo village)

(Thredbo village)

(Christmas in July..)


Thomas Hammerlund said...

I really wish it would snow like that here in Sendai for just one night this month. It might help with the heat.

Rashai said...

Sixmats, let's swap places then .. :) don't like the heat tho but would like to experience natsu matsuri up there. I've been to Japan few times but always in winter.