Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Made in Nippon

As I mentioned on my previous post that I found Japanese restaurant on every corner of Auckland city, there are also some Japanese supermarkets in town where you can find Japanese foodstuffs, sake, as well as Japanese traditional products. I happened to visit two of them, one is Japan Mart in Newmarket and the other one is Made in Nippon on Queen street, Auckland City.

(Made in Nippon, Japanese shops in Auckland)

Once you visit here, you must feel like you are in Japan! That's what they said on their web and it's true! I felt like I was in Japan! The Japanese chocolates and biscuits on the shelves are so irresistible and on the upper floor they have all kind of Japanese sake including Umeshu, my favorite Japanese drink. I did buy myself a bottle of Choya Umeshu and a small can of Ohshukubai Umeshu (never tried this one before).

(Choya Umeshu)

(Ohshukubai Umeshu with real green ume inside the can)

Talking about Umeshu, I also tried the Kikkoman Umeshu while having dinner at Daikoku, I know that Kikkoman is famous for soy sauce and other cooking stuffs but never knew that Kikkoman also produces Umeshu and it tastes great too!

(Kikkoman Umeshu)


nonchan said...

Akemashite Omedetou gozaimas!!
Happy new 2011; )

Nanci Hiltz said...

Where can I find this plum wine in Northern Massachusetts???

Rashai said...

@Nancy, sorry I am not sure as I reside in Australia, and this blog has been on hiatus for a while :)