Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sushi Walker

First thing first, Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best!

Just came back from Auckland yesterday and now I'd like to share some Japanese things I came across in that city. I had heard that there are a lot of Korean and Japanese eateries and shops in town but it still surprised me as I found sushi and sake bar on every corner of the city. Most of the Japanese restaurants and sake bars do serve a wide range of imported Japanese Sake and Japanese beers like Asahi and Sapporo beer on tap. During my three-day visit I went to five Japanese eateries in town, Tanuki Cave and Kura Sake Bar (both on Queen st), Daikoku Restaurant and Fuga Japanese Brasserie (both of them on Victoria st West, Auckland Central), and Motto Sushi in Parnell Village. I am happy to say there was no disappointment but if I had to choose my favorite one I'd say Kura Sake Bar, the cozy ambiance and the fusion dishes are just perfect.

(Kura Sake Bar on Queen st, Auckland)

(Kura Sake Bar)

(Seafood lovers donburi from Kura)

(Pan fried white fish with butter from Kura)

(Asahi beer on tap from Kura)

(Daikoku Restaurant)

(Tofu Salad from Daikoku)

(Deep fried flounder from Fuga Japanese Brasserie)

(Agedashi tofu with steamed vegetables from Fuga Japanese Brasserie)

(Sushi and Tempura Combo from Moto Sushi)


grub said...

happy new year and welcome back! it seems you had a fun time in new zealand :) all the best for 2011 and i'll be looking forward to your new posts :D all the best!

Rashai said...

Thanks Grub! Wishing you all the best too.. :)

SushiTail said...

They are beautiful!

Rashai said...

SushiTail, thanks!