Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan's largest earthquake

It was 2.46 PM on Friday March 11 when the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan struck Tohoku region and towns swamped by tsunami  afterwards..

The news on NHK world are really heartbreaking.

My deepest condolences..

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan..


grub said...

not only tsunami but widespread fires and many many aftershocks! it is unfortunate that the same area had been hit again within a short period of time!

i am very worried for my friends in Japan especially one who lives in Sendai, Miyagi where the earthquake, tsunami has hit hardest :(

Rashai said...

Yes Grub, another 6.5M earthquake hit Nigata,possible radiation leak, disaster after disaster.. I'll keep praying for all the people affected.
I emailed all my friends in Japan right away last night, all replied back saying they are safe except one which I have been unable to call since last night, a bit worried..

Anonymous said...

Never been to Japan, but have lots of friends there - my prayers go to them all.

nonchan said...

Aftershock of eastside of Japan has been kept on.
We are so glad that other countries encourage us.

Thanks a lot.

Rashai said...

Anonymous, thanks.. let's all pray for Japan.

Nonchan, glad to hear you are ok, we'll keep pray for the rescue and recovery operation, wish I could do something to help.