Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Rice

Indonesian black rice (not glutinous rice), is one of the several varieties of black rice.It is a deep black color and turns deep purple when cooked. It has a relatively high mineral content (including iron), the grain has a similar amount of fiber to brown rice, and like brown rice, it has a mild, nutty taste.

(Black rice served with deep fried chicken and tofu)

During my holiday in Bandung, my second hometown, I happened to enjoy some of the local favorite dishes of Sundanese cuisine (West Javan): black rice, brown rice, and rice mixed with oncom. Oncom is a secondary product from the production of other foods. It's made from fermented groundnut and soybean, fermented using molds.

(Brown rice served with deep fried chicken)

The below 'Nasi tutug oncom' or rice mixed with oncom, served with gepuk (sweet smashed fried beef), crispy fried tofu and sambal (special chili sauce)

(Nasi tutug oncom or rice mixed with oncom)


Jonas said...

I prefer my rice white, but all of this looks really good^^

Rashai said...

Thanks Jonas :)