Monday, February 18, 2013

Sumiya Jakarta

I have read about this restaurant a while ago, as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, an authentic Japanese restaurant with quality food and I made my way to this restaurant two weeks ago with a best friend. 

Once we entered through the noren, the service was a bit disappointing, not a service I would expect from a Japanese restaurant. We didn't get seated, waitresses were busy running around and did't even greet or smile at us,  we had to ask for a table only to get an unexpected snobby response, well... let's forget about their lack of attentiveness. 

Most of the guests are Japanese, so we thought the food must be good... well it is.

We ordered my favorite dish, a salmon teriyaki and a niku suki udon set which comprises udon, sashimi and salad, also I couldn't resist to try their maguro nigiri sushi. The salmon teriyaki was superb, as good as my favorite salmon teriyaki in Sydney and the maguro sushi was fresh, my friend also agreed that his udon set was worth the price. Their quality of food is excellent with a perfect balance of flavours. The price is above average but would love to go back there for their food, disregard the service. 

 (Niku suki udon)


(Tuna sashimi)
 (Tuna nigiri sushi)

(Salmon teriyaki)

(free desert)

Address: STC Senayan, Ground floor unit 128
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5793 1826

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