Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yebisu Sydney

As I mentioned on my last two posts, there are three Japanese eateries on the renowned Regent Place on George street and Yebisu was the last one I visited last month. You call it 'Little Tokyo' or 'Little Japan', I reckoned everyone will agree, those three have made this little corner packed with Japanese food lovers. 

Yebisu is not just an izakaya even the concept may looks like it, the traditional details with neon signs will make you feel like wandering around Namba in Osaka or old Kyoto, blended with modern touch of their iPads on each table for ordering system, it's definitely a must try whether you are a Sydneysider or just a visitor looking for a great taste of Japanese food in Sydney.  

(lunch set menu)


(salmon teriyaki set)

(grilled onigiri)

(aburi salmon sushi)
(chicken yakitori)


(seafood fried rice)
(salmon skin nigiri)

If you are there for lunch, teriyaki salmon set is my favourite, always love salmon ...
For dinner, I would recommend their yakitori, the wagyu beef yakitori is superb, love salmon too..? then you should try their aburi salmon and the crispy salmon skin nigiri. The grilled onigiri is quite unique and the fried rice topped with bountiful seafood is another favourite of mine. 

Booking is highly recommended but I think they take reservation only for 4 people or more.

Photo update on August 15th:

(cirashi sushi)

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