Thursday, June 27, 2013


Wassam doesn't sound Japanese at all, agreed with my friend comment but it is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Gold Coast. 
We stumbled upon some good reviews on the web while looking for a Japanese dinner not far from our hotel as it was raining, then we decided to try this restaurant located on level 1 Chevron Renaisance Building in Surfers Paradise.
The atmosphere is standard and their service could be more attentive even though it wasn't a disappointment.
We tried their wagyu beef which is superb and the teriyaki salmon comes with tasty sauce and a small bowl of salad. The price is above average but it's worth a try if you are looking for a decent dinner around Surfers Paradise. 

(Salmon teriyaki)

(Wagyu beef)

(a picture of Wassamu station, a small town in Hokkaido)

If you find the above photo on the cashier's desk you'll understand what the word 'Wassam' originates from, the owner might be from this small town of Hokkaido I presume..

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