Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ryo Tei

The ramen battle in Jakarta goes on... over the past couple years ramen shops in Jakarta just popping up in almost every corner especially around Kelapa Gading area, from local ramen to famous franchisee like Ikkousha, Ikudo.. you name it. Call me a 'ramen snob', those franchisee shops don't fancy me at all except  Tsurukamedou which is still my favorite one in town.

This Ryo Tei  in Jakarta does catch my attention since the original Ryo's ramen indeed is my most favorite one in Sydney. Ryo Tei Jakarta just opened few weeks ago in Kelapa Gading, if you enter from the main boulevard, it's next to the sports club on your left. I made my visit yesterday, ordered  a spicy ramen (actually the taste is not spicy at all), number 3 from the menu which is my favorite in Sydney.

(spicy tonkotsu, menu no 3)

The noodle's chewiness is perfect, the cha siu is lovely but the boiled egg is a bit overcooked (I prefer half boiled one) and broth is very rich and thick, thicker than the one in Sydney's shop and it's very salty. They put a sign advising that you could request a less salty soup to the waitress though, which I would highly recommend, or maybe it's their strategy that the taste has been adjusted to the local taste, perhaps..

(a picture of the original Ryo's in Sydney)

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