Saturday, July 27, 2013


We went up to Brisbane last month and it was a short trip but we managed to get to one of the most famous ramen spots in Brisbane.

Taro's Ramen is on the ground floor of Boeing Building (363 Adelaide st, Brisbane). A down-to-earth place but we could see the authenticity of a Japanese ramen shop, order and pay at the bar, self serve free drinks and pickles and a service with smile. 

We picked fire tonkotsu and normal tonkotsu ramen, a regular portion comes in a quite big bowl but they might need to add more soup to make the bowl doesn't look half empty, also the broth won't be enough for a 'kaedama'. As the reviews you would find on the web, it's one of best ramen in Brisbane, couldn't disagree with this but my favorite ramen(s) in Sydney are more to my liking. 

(Tonkotsu ramen)

(Fire tonkotsu ramen)

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