Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heart and Star Onigiri

I am always fascinated about Japanese food, not to mention about their 'kawaii' food, and since we read that 'Hana Sushi' book (see my previous post about Sushi dolls), we've been learning the art of creating that 'kawaii' food especially sushi and onigiri. Here are another onigiri from my kitchen, heart and star shaped onigiri.

(The star shaped onigiri topped with ham and a slice of boiled egg)

I am not an expert onigiri maker so I got this handy onigiri makers with heart and star shaped mold. It's an easy-to-use kitchen stuff to make your own onigiri, you can see the product's review on this Jbox link.
Once again, I give the credit to my wife for her patience creating these 'kawaii' onigiri!


Zephyr said...

I love making onigiri, but I don't have the patience to craft 可愛い ones! Those molds do look really awesome though. I might have to get some! Then I too can make 可愛い food! ^_^

Rashai said...

Zephyr, Looking forward to seeing your onigiri then :)

gulf said...

I also have a mold to make star, triangle and heart onigiri^^but I didn't use it frequently.I like your wife's kawaii heart~
do you know 'egg mold'?I have seen it before,eggs can become car,fish,tree…very kawaii
ps:rashai,I saw the coffee shop'85C' in Nanjing 3 days ago,'s amazing!

Rashai said...

Hi Gulf, yes I got 'egg mold' too :) Have you tried that '85C'?

gulf said...

Not yet...what is your favourite in 85C?

Rashai said...

Gulf, honestly I don't have any particular favorite coffee, as for the cake I like their Tiramisu, let me know if you find a yummy one :)