Saturday, November 7, 2009

Refreshing deserts

Summer is just around the corner with the temperature soared above 33 degrees Celsius last week. I am a kind of person who prefer the chilling winter than scorching summer, so in hot day like last week, all I want is having some refreshing deserts.

Here are some beautiful refreshing deserts made by my wife, fruit salad and chocolate pudding.

(fruit salad)

It's a light, smooth yet firm pudding with strong chocolate scent and topped with a piece of tortilla chip, mixed berries and kiwi fruit to give a beautiful finishing touch!
Almost forget, it's not a Japanese food nor related to Japan but it does have a bit of Japanese touch, can you find it? yes, the Pocky! a famous Japanese stick coated with chocolate


gulf said...

exquisite dessert!My mom never adorn the dish~I haven't tasted the DIY putting before,because I don't know how to make it.:)
I also like chocolate Pocky,and strawberry flavour is still ok.

Rashai said...

Thanks Gulf, I like strawberry Pocky too.. :)

golden zephyr said...

mmm... wow they look sooo goooood! Really!! *drool*

I always forget that as we get colder you guys get warmer... so bizarre, but totally cool!!

Rashai said...

Golden Zephyr, thanks! and yes as you are enjoying the beauty of autumn tint, I am trying hard to cope with the scorching heat! I really envy you :)